WIP. March 2011.

These are 5 free projects
I’m currently working on.

It seems like at the moment
I’m just not able to finish something
before starting with the next one.

So I just have nothing to post except unfinished pieces.

But that’s no problem, cause we just call it
WIP and everything is fine... :)



. Claudia von Z .
. Azrael .
.The Mechanic .
. Darth Metal .
. Dirty Don .


Girls, girls, girls...

Wow. Did not post anything for a while,
we have a new year and it’s fucking cold outside.
So what else can you do then draw some girls,
mix it with a lot of SiFi and Fantasy stuff and show it here.
Have fun …

Assassins Need. Concept sketch. 01|011

Marylin. Chraracter sketch. 12|010

Claire and the Mechanic. Concept sketch. 12|010


I,Robot Series.

I, Robot Nr.XIV. 
Spray Paint on Canvas 40x100 08|10

Gabriel the Guardian

This is a Character Concept I try to develop in my free time.
I had the idea of a robot design based on the mythology of angels.
But not just to give them wings, but to think about the role they are playing
in the different religions and how the function would influence the look.

So Gabriel the Guardian is a compact and strong guy

who doesn’t need his wings to fly but to protect his body while fighting…

I hope I could do some more of them 'cause I really like the idea.

But we'll see if I'll find enough time.